Solutions Ltd

Doing I.T. Properly

Our Data Centre

Doing things differently: Offering secure, GDPR compliant, private data storage at fixed rates per TB. The online site to service this is under construction but the data centre is live and already storing securely our customers data. Please feel free to contact us regarding this service and we can get your data stored quickly, simply and securely. Contact us for all your safe secure data backup needs

Our Repair Centre

Doing things properly: We have a history of quality repairs for all your gadgets and P.C.'s, All devices and computers will be considered for repair. The online repair center site for this service is under construction.
Please feel free to contact us regarding your repair needs. Fed up with being told that your data is not recoverable, we have a 95% success rate. Contact us for all your repair needs Call us on: (0113) 2941835