About repair

We service and repair most devices from computers and laptops to phones, tablets, and consoles.

We charge a fixed diagnostic fee of £10 for every device, this covers the cost of diagnosing even the most complex of faults and allows us to provide you with a comprehensive no obligation quote.

You can mail in your device which once completed can either be mailed back to you tracked signed for and insured or collected. We use a variety of couriers to ensure as smooth a process as possible. If you choose to have your device mailed back to you we will add the cost to the invoice. *


We offer a full device service for £50 per device.

Software service £25 

Hardware service £25

New OS installation £35 

Motherboard repair from £100 

Car key fob repair from £50 

What you need to know

In some cases only one service is required however, in most cases a full system service is required. If new parts are required they are installed as part of a full system service only. We do not charge installation fees.

We can repair everything from minor faults e.g. your device is running slowly right through to your device not powering on / no post and everything in between!

There is no need to factory reset your device before you bring it to us however we will need any login information such as passcodes, passwords, pins, and patterns where appropriate this is so we can assess your device and carry out our work to the best possible standards.  


*Please note payment is required before any device is returned and we can only hold onto your device for a maximum of 30 days after the completion of work. After this time your device will be properly recycled and all data will be securely erased. If you wish to have an extension on the 30 days holding please contact us in writing or by email to make alternative arrangements.

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