Data Recovery

What do you do when things go wrong? Is your device damaged beyond repair? Didn't back up your data? You have been told your device can't be fixed. Or maybe the manufacturer says they can repair it but you will lose your data in the process? if any of these phrases sound familiar we have you covered!

Never fear CCS is here to save the day and the data! Our specialist data techs have the skills and the technology to get the job done the first time every time. When your device doesn't boot up don't boot it out the door. We will get you back up and running before you can say data loss!

So what will it cost? I hear you ask.

Our data recovery is fixed at £150 for tier 1 £250 tier 2 £550 tier 3 and £800 at tier 4. We have a 95% success rate and many many happy customers. In the are very rare exceptions that we cannot recover the data or where the fee is more than £150 we will contact you before the work is carried out if this is the case. 


Common storage types 


We can recover data from a multitude of data mediums, not limited to but including:

  • 3.5" / 2.5" Hard drives - these drives are the main storage medium of most desktop computers laptops externals and games consoles if you would like to know more about hard drives please click here (insert link)
  • SOLID STATE DRIVES (SSD's) - often coupled with hard drives in computers and laptops they come in many shapes and sizes such as M.2, 2.5",  Msata, PCI Express and  various others if you would like to know more about SSD's please click here (insert link)
  • Embedded MultiMediaCards (eMMC) - They are soldered onto motherboards (what's a motherboard? click here) in mobile devices eg. phone's, tablet's, handheld consoles, netbooks, raspberry pi's etc if you would like to know more about eMMC's please click here (insert link)
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB'S)  - They are found far and wide in homes and offices all over the world. commonly used to make data instantly accessible, they are also mistakenly used as backup devices. if you would like to know more about USB's please click here (insert link)
  • Compact disks / digital virtual disks (CD's/DVD's - Commonly used for storing music, pictures/videos or pre-bundled software e.g drivers, firmware etc. if you would like to know more about USB's please click here (insert link)

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