What is our data vault?

Our data vault is a highly secure backup solution that takes the stress and hassle out of backing up. Simply drop off your device and we take care of the rest for only £10 pm you data will be kept safe, secure, and offline with your data will be returned to you within 48hrs however 99% of the time the data restoration process is far quicker giving you peace of mind that your digital content is protected with no hidden fees or costs we will even remind you when it is time to backup.

So... why back up?

Data is at the heart of everything we do from pictures, photographs, and documents, to key infrastructural and system-critical information and disaster prevention. If you value what you do then back up regularly. Here at CCS,than  we understand the importance your data holds, and for less the average lunch there are no reasons not to back up! If you have ever had the experience of plugging your phone in to find the screen doesn't light up, or switching your laptop on to hear an ominous sound and boom everything's gone, then you will know all too well there is nothing quite like the dread that seeps in as you think about all of the info that once was accessible and nobody needs that stress in their life with our backup solution you need not worry as your data is only a phone call away!

How do I know if my data is properly backed up?

Unless you have all of your data backed up offline, offsite, and in multiple locations you are not truly backed up securely. your files and systems need to be stored securely offline to prevent issues like ransomware, hidden charges, and inaccessible information. This is what our data storage solution does for you. In addition to this you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint, online data centers consume unimaginable quantities of water and electricity just to keep your data online. No energy is needed to keep a storage device switched off in a secure, location.

What is data backup exactly?

Data backup is the practice of duplicating data from a primary to a secondary or multiple locations'(s), to protect it in case of a disaster, or malicious action eg ransomware, or malware. Loss, theft, accidental damage, or even device malfunction or failure!   Data is the lifeblood of our digital existence, and without it, we can feel lost however we have the solutions you need!

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